Learn to read and study the Bible in the original languages!

Take small, consistent steps from wherever you are to reading and studying the Bible with clarity.

The only membership you need to be able to read and study the entire Bible, regardless of whether you've never learned the alphabet or you're looking to build on skills you developed in seminary. 

Reading biblical languages shouldn't be just for pastors and theologians. 

Without knowledge of the languages, you're dependent the work of others, meaning your knowledge of the Bible is second hand. 

But it is possible to develop a first-hand knowledge of the Bible in the original languages. 

All it takes is small, consistent steps and as you take each step you develop a little more knowledge and a little more skill, and very quickly you're able to read simple texts, then more difficult texts. 

With a little time and experience, you'll be able to read the entire Greek New Testament and/or the Hebrew Old Testament. 

How you can learn the biblical languages

Inside Biblical Mastery Academy we provide you with all the resources you need to be able to learn to read and study the Bible using even the most technical commentaries, grammars, and tools with understanding and the ability to follow and evaluate scholarly arguments. 

Here's what you can do inside Biblical Mastery Academy to develop your skills:

Join a course

We provide courses starting from outstanding beginning Greek and Hebrew, through to advanced exegesis of biblical texts. Courses are progress-based, which means you unlock new courses as your skills and vocabulary develops. 

Many of our classes run in cohorts, so you can work with a group of other learners on live calls and build relationships around discovery in scripture. Repeat cohorts as often as you wish or study on your own at your own pace. 

Its the best of all worlds!

Read a little more each week

Once you've completed beginning Greek or Hebrew, you can progress through our milestones. Each milestone is a collection of biblical texts which provide you with a reading plan, vocabulary to learn, and a discussion of the grammar to develop your skills. 

Each lesson can be completed in less than 10 minutes and during the week, read the original languages in your devotional life. 

The milestones teach you to read every book, starting from the easiest and progressing to the more difficult ones as your skill develops. Never learn a word twice.

Get help from an instructor

Each week we have live calls hosted by an instructor. Ask any question about the biblical languages, or the membership, and get expert help right away. 

BMA offers much more than an online seminary course, and the personalized nature of our office hours calls is designed to provide you personalized attention beyond what you get in a course call. 

Read Greek Texts Together

Reading texts together is one of the great joys of learning. Each month we select a Greek text to read and work through it for an hour each week in our Greek Workshop Calls, exploring the language, the authors intent, and how we should understand and apply the text today.

We alternate between texts from New Testament, the Septuagint (the ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament), and the Greek Apostolic Fathers. 

Join our vibrant community

 Our community loves the word of God, and is committed to learning to read and study the scriptures. With members from around the world, the Biblical Mastery Academy community is the best place to discover new resources, learn valuable insights, get help and encouragement, and work together on challenging texts and grammar. 

Grow beyond the languages

We're striving to become more Christlike in our knowledge, not just more academic. The Growth Membership is designed to explore areas related to understanding the scriptures and applying it to our lives. 

Each month we alternate between subjects related to interpretation and application of the scripture and read books together that will stimulate us to love and good works in our service for Christ. 

What our members say

"It was frustrating to get started on the very beginner aspects of the language, but then run into the problem of not getting any real teaching or help to get past that point. BMA definitely helped provide instruction, exercises to aid in learning, and cohort calls to help keep me motivated. It feels so good knowing that I am on my way to be able to sit down and study the scripture in the original languages." - Keith

"I was self studying New Testament Greek for a year and reached a point where I needed actual lectures and teaching if I wanted to have a working knowledge of Greek that is beyond the beginning level. There was only so much I could grasp on my own, even with the well known Greek Grammars. The moment I realized BMA was working for me was after the Reading Greek course. I realized that I can reliably translate 7 books of the New Testament and accurately parse all verbs in any of those books. That was a huge difference from before I started with BMA. I used to struggle parsing verbs and definitely did not translate any book in the NT in its entirety." - Robert

"I was having trouble staying motivated and consistent and had problems getting questions answered using the grammar. I would get to a point where it became really hard, and then I just would quit. I would then go like 2-3 months without learning anything, but then suddenly get motivated and do it again for a little while. But that was tough because I felt like I had lost a lot. I need consistency and structure in what I learn is what I am trying to say, just as I do in my pursuit of the Kingdom of God. When I finished Beginning Greek with BMA, and I was able to read 1st John. That was just an awesome feeling of accomplishment that I don't get often. I have a long way to go, but to know that all the calls and small questions answered in beginning Greek were finally working and sticking in my brain made me feel like the membership was worth it." - Drew

"I made some progress on my own, but I also felt lacking in motivation and isolated. I found that my learning still lacked structure and it was hard to keep going at it alone. BMA gave me both structure and motivation to keep learning. Every lesson comes with videos, readings, pre-made vocab cards, and in-depth homework assignments that don’t just help me learn new concepts but also keep reviewing old ones, topping it all off with a healthy amount of fun translation exercises. All that was already a huge help. But then the real gift was the cohort calls, where I could actually discuss my answers and difficulties with other students at my level and get personal help from Darryl and other professionals! There is something so valuable about working things out in a live environment. I felt it has solidified and clarified my learning immensely. I found that one of the unexpected rewards of this type of membership was that I didn’t just learn from the book and the instructors. I learned from fellow students! What’s more, I found myself caring about their progress too, not just mine! I feel a genuine sense of camaraderie with them and it brings me joy when I see them growing and succeeding and things clicking for them too. So I think that was when I realized that this is something far more special than just a great way to learn Greek.

It’s been half a year and I am already comfortably (albeit slowly, still) reading the letters of John and Paul. That’s astonishing to me and I’m really grateful for this membership!" - Nathan

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